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Precision Diagnostics and Individualised Rehabilitation

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Accurate Assessment

Highly accurate screening and diagnostic tests of cognitive impairments in only 15 minutes

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Engaging Training

Task-specific programs for cognitive and motor functions in a fun and stimulating Mixed Reality environment

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Faster Results

Hyper-personalized rehabilitation for maximum improvement in daily activities with positive results immediately after training

"Every patient deserves the best available rehabilitation after a stroke; whoever they are, wherever they live"

Brain Stimulation makes this possible

Today, far too many stroke survivors leave the hospital without ongoing rehabilitation, follow-up, or long-term support, drastically reducing their possibility to fully recover and improve their quality of life.

With today's modern technology capabilities, advanced rehabilitation methods shouldn't be constrained by physical space, time, or resources. Instead, the accessibility to cutting-edge technology should be available to everyone regardless of who they are or where they live.

Our mission is to give people a chance to regain, develop, and sustain cognitive and motor function after stroke and acquired brain injuries. Improving stroke management worldwide is our contribution to a better and healthier society.

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RehAtt® Diagnostics

RehAtt® DiSTRO is a highly accurate digital diagnostics tool that offers recommended cognitive tests in a digital test battery. After just a 15-minute screening, each person can get a personalized rehabilitation program.

• Accurate, quick, and paperless
• Efficient and easy-to-use administration app to monitor progress and document results
• Ongoing screening that offers hyper-personalized recommended tests

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RehAtt® Rehabilitation

RehAtt® MR provides individualized rehabilitation for cognitive and motor functions in a fun, realistic, and stimulating Mixed Reality environment.

• Hyper-personalized and effective rehabilitation
• Stimulating enriched 3D game environment to increase motivation
• Increased independence and quality of life
• Built-In with Tele-Rehabilitation capabilities. Anytime, anywhere.

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The RehAtt kit

Get the complete RehAtt® Bundle

Extraordinary results require extraordinary tools. Combine the best digital tools for accurate, quick, and easy assessment and diagnostics, with the cutting-edge, hyper-personalized training program kit.

Get the most out of the RehAtt® product line and change the game one patient at a time.


RehAtt® Rehabilitation in Mixed Reality

With wearables and holograms

Recent advances in wearable technologies, such as Mixed Reality glasses, enable users to interact with three-dimensional visual environments and 3D holograms,  bringing rehabilitation to a whole new level of immersive experience.

Mixed Reality enables you to interact with digital objects in your own home or wherever you might be. RehAtt® combines this amazing technology with Brain Stimulation's evidence-based methods to give access to effective rehabilitation to patients anywhere.

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Andreas with MR headset

”One day I’m going to drive my car”

Andreas is the kind of fighter we often don’t hear about. After suffering a stroke, his life changed. From an active life as a family man and plumbing technician to a life in a wheelchair.

But a fighter does not give up. Andreas decided to do everything in his power to get better. He asked those in the rehab department if they knew where it was possible to train with VR. He came into contact with Birgitta Johansson, an Occupational Therapist at Danderyd Hospital. She has twenty years of experience as a clinical occupational therapist and specialist in the use, development and implementation of new technologies to improve neurorehabilitation.

The team quickly developed a liking for each other. Birgitta introduced the Brain Stimulation tests and the training in Mixed Reality. Andreas put on the digital glasses and he just felt ”wow” ‘It felt so right,’ Andreas remembers with a smile. ‘But this is just the beginning’, says Andreas with fire in his eyes: ‘One day I’m going to drive my car.’

RehAtt® in 90 seconds

This is how the RehAtt® technology is helping patients recover every single day

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mixed reality?
How is what Brain Stimulation offers better than traditional rehabilitation?
Is RehAtt MR easy to use for me, who never use computers or play video games?
What side effects can mixed reality have?
Can I wear my glasses with the mixed reality lenses?
How long does a session with RehAtt MR take?
How fast can I see  results?

About us

Our story started with a huge challenge in 2001: how can we give access to precise diagnostics and individualized rehabilitation for stroke and neurocare and provide the best possible care to stroke patients? With no answers in hand, we took on the challenge ourselves.

With a simple yet revolutionary idea, the RehAtt method was born combining cutting-edge technology with the latest scientific knowledge on brain plasticity. We addressed the global challenge of rehabilitating need for cognitive and upper limb impairments after stroke and acquired brain injuries, by exploiting brain plasticity results from research within a new concept of rehabilitation and diagnosis of cognitive impairments.

After 20 years of research and product development, we today offer a revolutionary and powerful way to get extraordinary diagnostics and rehabilitation results with what we call Enriched Rehabilitation: immersive visual and music stimuli rewards that enhance the interactive and creative gaming experience with 3D holograms by using smart glasses in an intense task-specific rehabilitation environment.

The RehAtt® method and scientific results

RehAtt® is a theoretically designed method that has shown promising behavioral effects in function of attention, in tests and daily living with a continuous improvement. Even training related changes in neuronal activity was shown after only 15 hours of independent use, performed at a time years after the brain injury.

These promising results have been acknowledged by internationally leading scientists. Several international collaborations are ongoing and further planned, and more publications are to be expected shortly from the use of RehAtt® - continuing to be the lead in Mixed Reality solutions for Stroke and Neuro-rehabilitation.

Article 2

A virtual reality test battery for assessment and screening of spatial neglect

"The sensitivity was 100% and the specificity 82% for the VR-DiSTRO® to correctly identify neglect. The study concluded that the test battery quickly with high accuracy identify visuospatial neglect in patients with stroke”

Article 1

RehAtt® – scanning training for neglect enhanced by multi-sensory stimulation in Virtual Reality

"VR-method improved spatial attention and showed transfer to improved spatial attention in activities of daily living in chronic neglect.”

article cover img

Increase of frontal neuronal activity in chronic neglect after training in virtual reality

"Signs of brain plasticity as compensatory effect from RehAtt® shown in increased brain activity in prefrontal and temporal cortex during task fMRI analysis."

article cover image

Rehabilitation in chronic spatial neglect strengthens resting-state connectivity

"Improved left side awareness and attention in chronic stroke patients, signs of a restorative effect from RehAtt® shown in increased interhemispheric connectivity within the Dorsal Attention Network at resting state fMRI"


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