The leading cause of long-term disability

Stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability worldwide and the need for effective rehabilitation is massive. Every year 5 million new stroke patients need rehabilitation and one third of them have spatial neglect.

Neglect or hemi-spatial neglect is a serious cognitive handicap following a brain lesion that causes impaired attention. It severely affects the chances of whether a patient will regain independence after stroke rehabilitation.

A VR method to mend the broken brain!

Welcome to RehAtt™!
We believe that VR can be used to mend a broken brain. 
Brain Stimulation RehAtt™ is a unique product: An effective rehabilitation method that combines neuroscience with virtual reality technology. A method designed to stimulate and mend broken neuronal networks in the brain. It is an effective, fun and cost effective form of rehabilitation that can be used at home as well as in hospitals. In a virtual reality environment, an intense individualized scanning training is combined with stimulation of the senses using 3D games and robotics.

Neglect – a complex disorder

New method and 3D games

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