Training & Result

Brain Stimulation RehAtt®- A new concept for stroke rehabilitation

RehAtt® is a new method that uses cutting-edge technology to create an enriched, motivating training environment that stimulates brain plasticity and helps to heal the brain. Participating in fun, interactive 3D games that stimulate vision, hearing and sense has been shown to improve spatial attention in daily life activities and tests after just 15 hours use.

Stimulating the neuronal repair by Enriched Rehabilitation

RehAtt® is designed with intention to stimulate the neuronal repair using a combination of intense training and multi-sensory stimulation.

Mixed reality for combined hand training and attention training

Using VR and enriched rehabilitation for hand training is effective and in RehAtt®- VR the intense constrained use of the paretic or affected hand to control the training task give useful improvement after a few hours. The robotic pen, a desk-top haptic device gives different sensory input; tactile, proprioceptive, vibration and force feedback.

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