Diagnostic & Assesment

The neglect syndrome is a complex disorder of spatial representation, spatial attention and spatio motor activity. Neglect is an important negative predictor for recovery after stroke, so it is important to detect it early.

In the acute stroke care, the diagnosis of neglect is often overlooked, giving rise to widespread problems in daily life activities after discharge. Structured screening for neglect is recommended in stroke guidelines, a computerized easy-to-use method is  now available. The computerized test battery on a touchscreen computer can to be used in the acute stroke care as well as to follow improvement in rehabilitation care. In less than 10 minutes the screening part is done bedside and an outprint of results, as well the score, as the patients behavior results, is handed to the therapist.

The computerized neglect test battery is part of the RehAtt® method, developed from a research project at Umea University in Sweden. The method is now in use in 5 European countries.

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