About Brain Stimulation

Brain Stimulation meets the enormous need of a better and more efficient rehabilitation of stroke patients. The company have designed and invented a unique method combining virtual reality technology and a game design based on neuroscience that efficiently can improve the mending of the broken brain. This will be of benefit for the patients, relatives, health care system and society.

The company has funding from Umeå Biotech Incubator AB and BIO-X program from Uppsala BIO. It has also support from Biotech Umeå at Uminova Innovation AB and Bio-X.

The owners of the company are:

  • The founder, Dr. Helena Fordell,
  • Uminova Holding
  • ALMI Invest
  • Chairman, Derny Häggström
  • Independent Business Partners, Per-Ulrik Wier
  • BBD AB, Olle Johansson

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 Stroke patients - Brainstimulation

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